Why The Pixel Buds Pro Are My Favourite Earbuds

They Really Are Good!

Dom Kwolczak
7 min readNov 8, 2022


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I’ve daily driven a wide range of truly-wireless earbuds this year, but there is one set that continues to surprise me the more I use them, the Google Pixel Buds Pro. Not only are these wireless earbuds feature-packed, but they also offer great sound quality and a comfortable fit.

I must regrettably admit that I was very sceptical about purchasing these, particularly as they are Google’s first attempt at manufacturing a more premium set of earbuds. I guess it was also the price that put me off. But based on the very positive experience I had with the Pixel Buds 2 and Pixel Buds A, I decided to bite the bullet and get them anyway, and it was worth it!

Now, I know that the year isn’t over yet and I may find something even better, but I’ll keep you updated if I do.

Just a bit of a side note, I wouldn’t call myself an audio expert, that’s why this article is based on the point of view of a user. I would also like to mention that we all have different tastes in sound so what sounds good to me may differ from yours. But without any further ado, let’s get started…

Let’s Talk Features

I wanted to start talking about the features because the Google Pixel Buds Pro are packed full of them and they make perfect sense! For many, earbuds are just tools for listening to music and that’s perfectly understandable but these days wireless earbuds can do so much more and the Pixel Buds Pro are the perfect examples.

At this point you’re probably wondering what on earth I’m talking about, well allow me to explain…

Multi-Point Bluetooth

Have you ever been working on your laptop with your headphones in and all of a sudden you receive an important phone call, I know I have! You would either take your headphones off or try to connect your earbuds to your phone and before long you miss the phone call altogether.

The Pixel Buds Pro have you covered well here because they use Multi-point technology, which basically allows you to be connected to more than one device at the same time, so if I’m connected to my laptop and phone, I can simply answer the call on the phone without any fuss.