Why the BenQ LaptopBar Is the Ideal Laptop Accessory

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Dom Kwolczak
6 min readNov 4, 2023
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As you can probably tell, I’m a huge fan of gadgets, especially when it comes to gadgets that can actually help you out in your everyday life and make you more productive.

The BenQ LaptopBar is one of those gadgets. Not only is it the perfect accessory to have in your laptop bag, it’s also great to use around the house.

This is the thing with laptops, we often forget about their true purpose which is portability and being able to take them with you anywhere you go.

I mean laptops have gotten extremely powerful over the years and let’s face it, they’re more convenient for most people as they eliminate the need for having a massive computer tower.

With that in mind, it is still essential that your workspace is comfortable and adequately lit, no matter whether you’re working from home, the hotel or a cafe.

Poor lighting can lead to eye strain, headaches, fatigue and stress which can affect productivity and potentially the quality of your work.

That is exactly why I think the BenQ LaptopBar is a game changer for people who work from laptops. I mean put it this way, I can’t imagine carrying a massive lamp with me in my laptop bag everywhere I go. That would be ridiculous, not to mention…



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