Why Microsoft Should Release a New Windows Phone

It has massive potential, especially in a world of ecosystems!

Dom Kwolczak


Windows Phone was a platform that so many people hated and weren’t prepared to give another chance, which I find strange as it had huge potential, especially in this day and age!

Even Microsoft’s chairman and CEO; Satya Nadella acknowledged that the company made a big mistake in exiting the smartphone market and that it could have been handled better. You can read more about this here.

I tend to agree with that, I mean I seriously feel that Windows Phone was released way before its time and that if Microsoft were to release a new version of it today, they may have better success, that’s why in this article, we’ll discuss the reasons I think they may be more successful this time around.

It’s all about the ecosystem

Apple has made it clear that having apps and devices perfectly connecting and interacting with each other enhances user experience and productivity.

That’s why we see manufacturers like Google and Samsung trying to achieve the same thing. They are trying to build an ecosystem that users will enjoy.

But here’s the thing, research has found that Microsoft Windows is the most widely used computer operating system in the world, and having worked in many companies over the years, it was the only operating system that we ever used, it was loaded to the tills as well as office computers when I worked in retail!

With that sort of popularity comes huge potential. If Microsoft builds an outstanding smartphone that like the Microsoft Store, allows 3rd party App Stores that enable Android app support, we will solve the issue of app support!

On top of that, if Microsoft fine-tuned Windows 11 and Windows Phone to work well together, we could have the start of a brilliant ecosystem that will be loved by people in various use cases such as gaming, businesses, and…