What’s On My iPhone: Productivity Edition (Early 2024)

It’s all about using the correct apps that work for you!

Dom Kwolczak


Screenshot by Author

The iPhone 14 Pro Max has been my daily driver since December, and I think it’s a brilliant phone. I mean, it’s not the latest phone from Apple, but does that really matter?

I guess the main thing that matters is that the phone works for me incredibly well, especially when it comes to productivity.

The main reason I decided to return to the iPhone was because of all the apps that I missed having on my Google Pixel 7 Pro. Don’t get me wrong, I think that the Google Pixel 7 Pro is an excellent phone, but it was the apps that made the real difference for me with my last iPhone.

That is why I decided to share the productivity apps that I use on my iPhone, as well as some of the things I do to help me be more productive.

So, in no particular order, here are the things that are on my iPhone…

Apple Reminders

Before I switched to Android over 2 years ago, I was a massive fan of Things 3. I used the app for practically everything and when I switched to Android, I found it incredibly difficult to find a substitute that was good enough.

When I moved back to the iPhone, something strange happened. I found myself no longer enjoying Things 3, I mean it’s a great app, but it just wasn’t working for me.

The app that did work for me, and it’s one that I continue to use today, is Apple Reminders, I mean, can you blame me? The app has a nice interface, and it works incredibly well with the Apple ecosystem.

I can view my reminders on my watch, use Siri to set reminders and, most importantly of all, I can organise my reminders into groups.

Apple Calendar

Staying on with the Apple apps, my current go-to calendar app is Calendar, which works incredibly well on both my phone and my watch.