The Tools I Use to Manage My Week

They Need To Work FOR YOU!!

Dom Kwolczak


Photo by Kevin Bhagat on Unsplash

There’s no arguing with the fact that good time management is essential to your success.

That is exactly why I’m constantly on the lookout for new productivity systems, apps and techniques to help me make the most of my time and to be more productive.

I’m not going to cover up the fact that I’ve written about many tools that I thought were the answer to my needs, but after a while of using those tools, I fell out of sync with them.

But over the last couple of months, I’ve been using 5 tools which have helped me become more productive than ever before and in this blog post, I wanted to share these tools with you.

So without any further ado, here are 5 tools that have helped me manage my week and become more productive…

1. Trello

I wanted to start this list with the tool that is at the heart of my current productivity system, Trello. I use Trello for planning out my entire week.

In Trello, I’ve created a board called “Weekly Planner” and I’ve created 11 lists consisting of Inbox, Today, Done, Next Week and separate lists for every day of the week and the weekend.

Throughout the week, I add all tasks that I need to complete the following week into the Inbox list. I then move the tasks to whatever day I hope to complete them. I usually go through the list on either a Sunday evening or Monday morning and add all of the other tasks I hope to do.

I use the Today list for adding all the tasks I have to do today, this includes tasks from the day list. I am testing ways of automating this so that if I set a due date to be today, the tasks will automatically move to the today list.

All the tasks that I’ve completed, I move to the Done list, I do this mainly for motivation and a reminder that I have completed the task. At the end of the week, I archive all the tasks I’ve done. If for some reason I failed to complete a task, I either add it to the Inbox list, which means that I have to make room for it and do it this week or I add it to the Next Week list.

This system has been working very well for me over the last couple of months, If I continue to…