Should Laptops Have a Touchscreen — My Opinion

I see the need, but…

Dom Kwolczak


Photo by Surface on Unsplash

I found myself assisting a friend in selecting a new laptop for her business. One recurring question that surfaced while exploring our options was whether the laptops featured touchscreen capabilities.

Having owned and used multiple touchscreen laptops, I never actually used the touchscreen, mainly because it wasn’t as good compared to an actual tablet or smartphone.

That got me thinking, should all laptops have touchscreen capabilities in this day and age?

I mean I can see why Apple decided not to include this feature with their MacBooks!

Personally, I don’t think it’s a feature I will often find myself using, but let’s explore the advantages and disadvantages of laptops having touchscreens…

The Benefits of Touch Screen Laptops

To be truthfully honest, touchscreen laptops do have potential, especially if the laptop is able to convert into a tablet, in the same way as my Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 360.

However, based on my experience these touchscreens tend to be poor quality, but we’ll get to the disadvantages a little bit later in the article.

The first advantage of your laptop having a touch screen is intuitive navigation. You no longer have to rely on that dreaded trackpad for your navigation, you can simply tap the screen wherever you need to go.

It’s a faster form of navigation that many people are used to since we all own smartphones these days. You’ll be surprised by how many people I see tapping screens thinking that they’re touch screens!

Touchscreen tend to also be easier to use compared to trackpads, which in all honesty have gotten so much better over the years, especially as they now support gesture navigation. Put it this way, I always use the trackpad on my keyboard case with my iPad!

They are great for home use, sometimes you don’t need to use a physical keyboard, for instance when you are watching videos or playing games with a controller. This is particularly true for 360° laptops.

The touchscreen can also prove to be good for creative applications, such as drawing.