Setapp Review — A Must-Have for Mac Users!

It really is a must-have, especially for creators and freelancers!

Dom Kwolczak


Screenshot Courtesy of Setapp

Disclaimer: This blog post contains Setapp affiliate links.

At the end of November last year, I decided to switch from my ageing Windows custom PC to a MacBook Air.

The main reason for the switch was because the PC was starting to show its age, but I also discovered that my primary use of the machine had drastically changed. You can read the full story of why I switched here.

I was no longer playing games or using it for resource-heavy tasks, I was primarily using it for creating content such as writing blog posts and basic video editing for my YouTube channel.

After making the switch, I decided to invest in the apps I use. I was already using apps such as Spark for managing my emails, and I was planning to subscribe to Ulysses again for writing blog posts.

That’s where Setapp comes in!

Setapp is a subscription-based service for macOS and iOS which offers a large collection of premium apps for an affordable fixed monthly subscription.

You’re probably thinking to yourself, ugh, not another subscription, and I’m fully with you on that! I don’t like paying for all those…