My Expectations Of The Pixel Buds Pro

Dom Kwolczak
5 min readAug 26, 2022

As my new everyday earbuds!

For those of you who don’t follow me on Twitter, which I highly recommend you do! I recently decided to upgrade my everyday earbuds. I’ve been the proud owner of the Pixel Buds A for several months and I really liked them.

I must admit, initially, I had a bit of an on-and-off relationship with them, at the end of which, I decided that because of their comfort and reasonable sound quality they were to become my everyday earbuds.

Several months later, not only did I take them on a trip to Hungary, but I also felt that some things were missing, particularly for people who travel or commute. The talk is about active noise cancellation (ANC) which their competition such as the Nothing Ear (1)’s and the Beats Studio Buds had.

One of the key things’s I liked about the Pixel Buds A as well as the Pixel Buds 2, I had a few years back is the way they worked with my Pixel devices, they just worked with no questions asked.

For those of you who are new to Tech With Dom, I test several earbuds as well as headphones on my YouTube channel, and the one thing I noticed about some models, is that they can be quite difficult to connect or pair to other devices. I’m not just talking about budget sets which surprisingly are usually good, I’m talking about the expensive sets, such as my AirPods Pro, which worked exceptionally well with Apple Devices, but when connected to a Windows computer or an Android device, there were occasions where I had issues and just couldn’t connect them.

Now I don’t know whether this was just my set or if this is a genuine issue.

Moving on, I decided to purchase the Pixel Buds Pro due to the positive experience I had with previous models and whilst I have already used them on a single occasion, I wanted to write a blog post setting out my expectations to write a follow-up once I had enough time with them.