Is The iPhone SE (2020) Worth It In 2022?

Dom Kwolczak
7 min readJul 28, 2022
Photo by Daniel Romero on Unsplash

As a tech geek, I often pay a visit to the electronics section in shops and supermarkets, I guess it’s in an effort to find deals and products that would be interesting to make content about.

I was doing my weekly shopping at Tesco when I came across the Tesco Mobile section and saw that they had an iPhone SE (2020) available. The phone was available on contract, Pay-As-You-Go and even sim-free. The sim-free price was £339.99 with contracts starting at £16.99 per month.

This gave me an idea, particularly as I found myself using the iPhone SE (2020) as my secondary phone a few months ago.

But is a two-year-old entry-level phone worth buying in 2022? I used an iPhone SE (2020) for 3 months as my secondary phone and here’s what I think…

How does the iPhone SE (2020) perform in everyday life?

The iPhone SE range has always been Apple’s attempt at making entry-level smartphones that are both affordable and actually quite decent.

I had the opportunity to own both the original and the 2nd generation and whilst they were rather basic in terms of specs, they actually performed rather well.

The one thing that sets the SE series apart is the fact that it still has the home button which was found in older models such as the iPhone 8, 7 and 6. The phone also has an unusually small 4.7″ Retina HD display. These two features combined create a device tailored to very specific markets including people who prefer smaller devices, businesses and people who only require basic phones.

Does the screen size bother me?
Starting with the screen size, it can take a while to adjust to the smaller size, particularly if you’ve used a larger phone for a while or if you’re using the SE as a secondary device.

I must admit, as a Pixel 6 Pro user, it definitely took me a while to adjust, I mean there’s quite a difference in size. I mean, the screen on the 6 Pro…