How I Connect My M1 Macbook Air to Multiple Monitors

The solution may surprise you!

Dom Kwolczak


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I admit, I may have jumped into the M1 MacBook Air too quickly, but it was on such a good deal, I just couldn’t resist.

As somebody who often works from multiple monitors, I simply did not realise that there were going to be issues connecting it to my dual monitor setup.

It turns out that this model only supports one additional monitor, which in all honesty I could have probably coped with, but I think I would have found it incredibly difficult to adjust.

I guess I never really thought about it as my ancient MacMini supported multiple monitors incredibly well.

I tried USB-C docking stations as well as HDMI to USB-C cables, but the best I was able to do was duplicate the screen on all 3 monitors using a USB-C docking station.

After searching the internet for answers, I found that several sources were recommending buying DisplayLink docking stations and that is exactly what I did.

What is a DisplayLink Docking Station?

A DisplayLink docking station is a device that allows you to expand the connectivity on your laptop. It often features several USB ports, an ethernet port as well as several display ports…