Google Released Android 13 For Several Pixel Models!

Dom Kwolczak (Tech With Dom)
5 min readAug 19, 2022

Small update with some useful features!

Screenshot Showing Android 13 Easter Egg

This week, Google released the stable version of Android 13 for various Pixel devices including my phone, the Pixel 6 Pro.

I must admit, I wasn’t really following the news of its release until I noticed people talking about it on Twitter. This is highly unusual for me, as I’m usually one of the first to download the update and try things out!

Anyway, after spending a few hours refreshing the updates page and rebooting my phone, the update finally came!

This is my review of the update…

Not as big as I was hoping

I never had a chance to try out Android 13 during the beta stages, I guess I just didn’t want to risk bricking my only Android phone, which also happened to be my main phone.

When I initially saw that the update was barely above 1 GB, I knew it wasn’t going to be massive, definitely nowhere near as big as the Android 12 update was anyway.

However, the update has included some useful features, starting with a notification that pops up when you install an app asking you whether you want to allow notifications.

Android 13 asks whether you want an app to send notifications!

Android 13 Notifications pop-up

This is something that iOS users will be very familiar with and that, I think, is very useful. I know that on previous versions of Android you could disable notifications by going into the settings menu, but this is way more convenient!

I find that being able to silence notifications whilst you are setting up the app initially saves a lot of time, which makes the system generally more user-friendly.

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