Google Pixel Ecosystem: The Good, The Bad, and The Apple

Surprisingly good, but can it be as good as Apple?

Dom Kwolczak


Photo by Author

It’s been almost two years since I moved away from the Apple ecosystem to pursue a more open ecosystem which consists of devices from various brands.

After switching I decided to check out Google’s offering and I liked what I saw. I initially purchased the Google Pixel 6 Pro, with the Pixel Buds A and after around a year with the devices I upgraded them to the Pixel 7 Pro, the Pixel Buds Pro and eventually the Google Pixel Watch.

Alongside that, I used an iPad as my primary computer and the Windows computer I built a few years ago for the more demanding tasks.

The Google Pixel ecosystem combined with Google’s smart home products and their apps work well together in what I call the Google ecosystem.

I think Google has done wonders to the ecosystem over the years, but if I compare it to the Apple ecosystem, I still think that they have a long way to go, mainly with perfecting what they already have.

That’s why as someone who used to be fully in the Apple ecosystem and is now in a mixed ecosystem featuring Google devices, I wanted to share the good, the bad and the Apple!

The Google Pixel’s Ecosystem

At present my main sim is in the Google Pixel 7 Pro. I think that it’s an exceptional phone that is a huge improvement from the Pixel 6 Pro.

The main reason for that is that I genuinely think I had a bad Pixel 6 Pro unit. It was constantly overheating and the camera app kept crashing no matter how many times I restored the phone to factory settings. There was also something rattling inside of it, which is never a good sign.

But I decided to upgrade it to the Pixel 7 Pro, and it was a great decision. I have yet to experience a bug or any lag, the phone works great and doesn’t overheat.

Obviously, Google has released the Pixel Fold and the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro models. However, I am so happy with the Pixel 7 Pro, that I don’t think I will be upgrading any time soon. However, if it ever gets released, I may get the Pixel Fold 2 as I like the idea of foldable phones.