Could These £63 Earbuds Replace My Daily Drivers?

They Are Awesome!

Dom Kwolczak
4 min readMay 27


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I test many wireless earbuds for my channel, in fact, I have a draw full of them!

Whilst testing does include daily driving a set of earbuds for at least a week, my go-to wireless earbuds for almost a year have been the Google Pixel Buds Pro.

I love their sound quality, great bass as well as the features they come with such as Multi-Point Bluetooth.

While I’ve been seriously enjoying the Pixel Buds Pro as my daily driver, I recently tried a new product which I feel matches my taste in music more, the Soundpeats Capsule 3 Pro.

My Review

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been testing the SoundPeats Capsule 3 Pro which if you haven’t checked out my review, I highly recommend you do so! You can find a link to it here or underneath this blog post.

I think that the SoundPeats Capsule 3 Pro are an excellent set of wireless earbuds, which for the price of £63 are just exceptional!


I wanted to start this post by talking about their stunning design, an area in which Soundpeats never disappoints!

Soundpeats have done a really good job with the Capsule 3 Pro, I absolutely adore the Bronze-on-Black approach!

Those of you who have seen my videos on the Soundpeats Life and Air 3 Deluxe, may find the design familiar, that’s because it is! But, I like the consistency in the design of their products.

The earbuds themselves feel plasticky which at that price, you can’t really complain about as they really do look like a much more premium set of earbuds.

The case itself is a standard-looking case and you can find a similar looking one with many of their products. It feels cheap and cheerful but keeps to the Bronze-on-Black approach.

Sound Quality

Let us move on to something more important and the primary reason why I’m thinking of switching to the SoundPeats Capsule 3 Pro.

From the very first time I put these into my ears, I found them to be loud, especially if we compare them to the Pixel Buds Pro.



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