Best ANC Headphones Under £200?

My 1-Month Review of the Edifier WH950NB Headphones

Dom Kwolczak
7 min readMay 20


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I wanted to start this review by saying WOW!

These are really good! But I feel that that would be a bit a bit of a short review, but to be truthfully honest, I couldn’t help myself as these are incredibly good!

The Google Pixel Buds Pro have been my main go-to earbuds for well over 6 months, but that changed around a month ago when I got sent the Edifier WH950NB headphones to try out. (This isn’t a sponsored post).

The Edifier WH950NB are usually sold for £179.99 on Amazon in the UK, which I think is a pretty decent price because you really are getting a lot here!

But are these really worth it and have my thoughts and feelings changed since my first review?

Design and Comfort

I wanted to start this review by talking about the design and comfort. I mean they really are a stunning set of headphones. I absolutely love the leather effect and the premium feel these have to offer.

To make things even better, Edifier has decided to include a premium-looking case which looks strong on the outside but feels nice and soft on the inside providing your headphones with a perfect layer of protection.

In terms of comfort, they really are a comfortable set of headphones, and that’s coming from someone who wears glasses. The earcups feel nice and soft and I don’t feel anything pressing against my ears or my head.

To make them feel even more comfortable, the top of the headband is fitted with a soft cushion which makes them even more comfortable to wear. Put it this way, I know of several manufacturers which haven’t perfected their headbands to such an extent, as Edifier have with these!

Yes, I’m talking about you Microsoft, on your future set of Microsoft Surface Headphones, you need to make the headband more comfortable!